I hope you remember that i was going to start your assignments earlier than any other class. Before anything, i know there are 45 of you enrolled in the class. Unfortunately, we only have space for 40, i want to be fair to everyone. If you know someone that will be taking the class that was not in our class last year, please let them know. I will see if i can get a list of students and post it within the next week or so.

your first assignment, you will need to read TRUE SKILL (page 3) of the document below and post your comments, as well as a picture/drawing of your goal (as a percent or letter grade)


54 thoughts on “AVID ALGEBRA 2A

  1. At first I didn’t understand the lesson of the yogi Ramon, but once I re-read the story, I realized what he was saying.

  2. I liked the story true skill because of the message it gives me; that if You set your mind on something and determined that You can succeed.

  3. True story is a good story it takes practice for what you want and you will succeed if you believe that you can do it and also even sometimes you can learn lessons about it

  4. Ramens story taught me that even if you practice hard at something every day, you still have to put all your thought in it. You can’t set it aside when you need it most, you have to have set in your mind if you want to suceed. This made me realize that in Algebra we can’t just say I studied and expect to get a good grade, you have to constantly practice and think about math for you you to truly understand it

  5. I believe that Ramans story was teaching us that, as much as you practice and know how to do something, in order to succeed you have to put everything into your work. You have to concentrate and visualize what you want.
    In order to succeed in this years Math class we have to want to do our best but also put in the effort to accomplish what we want and not give on the first try. We have to keep trying until we reach our goal because then you will never reach an ending that was never there.

  6. The story tells that you should always have focus on what you are doing and not doingit without understanding it.

  7. Raman’s story taught me that you have to put 100% of your effort into overcoming your goals, and if your focus is on other things then you won’t reach the goal you want to. In math, we have to constantly try our hardest to reach the goals we have set and we can’t let anything else get in the way.

  8. The story of Raman showed me that if I want to achieve something I have to concentrate and focus on the goal I want to achieve because if I want it bad enough I will push myself harder into putting forth the effort necessary.

  9. The message of the story is to focus on the specific thing you want achieve. Simply just wanting to hit a target or achieve something will not happen by itself. The necessary amount of time has to be put in to achieve those goals. Focus is key and it must be there 100%. In math, focus must be constant because of the vast amount of material there is to be covered.

  10. After reading the story, it thought me that anything is possible as long as you try and keep your focus on the specific goal. Many goals can be set when with determination and believing that you will accomplish it in the end. Actions speak louder than words, and saying you will do something is not as sufficient as actually doing it. In math and in any class you have to keep trying, practicing and believing that you will be successful.

  11. Reviewing over this story, I came to the conclusion that in order to really maintain the focus and determination towards a goal you set, you have to attempt with all your might and even though it may not come easy or that your practice will not result in perfection, you still got to go on and try and really keep your mentality set on achieving that goal.

  12. This passage demonstrates that even with a lot accreditation, practice, and success at something, you can still fail if you don’t have goals and set your mind straight to them. The yogi was a very skilled archer and hit every target, but when he was blindfolded he missed by a long shot. This lesson applies to everyday life and is an important one to know, especially for students and athletes. An Olympic weightlifter can work on getting faster at running all day and say he has been working out, but when it comes to lifting the weight he won’t, because simply doing anything beneficial will not help you if you have a specific goal.

  13. What I concluded from the passage on page 3 was that, in order to do something properly and successfully you need to have focus. If you are determined and have a little patience you can excel at anything you set your mind too. The old saying “practice makes perfect” applies to this. You need to be proactive to accomplish set goals. This story really applies to learning math, you can’t just sit in class and listen and expect an A. You need to study and grasp the concept to help you succeed.

  14. After reading True Skill, I learned that practice doesn’t always make perfect and that you really have to put time and effort in order to reach your goal. Never stop until you successfully accomplish what you put your mind to.

  15. The lesson i learned after reading this passage is that no matter how many times you’ve succeeded in the past on a goal you’ve had, doesn’t mean you will succeed every time. So each time you need to concentrate on that goal and keep your mind focused. My goal for this class is to maintain an A and i will achieve this goal by doing my best.

  16. This story made me realize that if you set a goal and focuse on that goal then you can accomplish it. This also made we determined to try and get an A in the class by focusing on my work.

  17. The message of the story is that you must concentrate and work hard toward a specific goal you wish to receive in life. If you have patience and work hard toward the goal you can make it a reality. Just like how you must concentrate and pay attention in math to succeed.

  18. This taught me that in order to succeed, I have to have a set goal in my mind so that I can reach it. If I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m trying to achieve, then I won’t reach my goal. So I should focus on getting an A in math analysis and do everything possible to reach it.

  19. If you are planning to achieve something you need to set your mind to it. If you want to succeed you won’t let anything get in your way. Without setting a goal you will get nowhere. You won’t know from where to start or which step to take next. I am setting a goal to ace both semesters.

  20. the lesson i learned from this story is that you cant expect something to happen magically if you have not even thought about it. for say getting a good grade in math class. this wont happen if you do not plan to achieve a good grade or make it your goal. just like it says in the story “no one will hit a target they cannot see.”

  21. This passage has taught me that even though one may be good on a subject, one can always improve. However, one must improve by focusing and concentrating on a single task, and never go outside their own ability range to do something. This applies to math in the fact that to improve in a certain lesson, one must do it gradually and consistently. My goal for the year is to maintain a B or higher, preferably an A.

  22. By reading this story, I have learned that you do not achieve your goals by putting forth no effort. You have to try and work very hard to reach your goals. Achievement doesn’t happen over night; it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.

  23. What Ieafned is if you set your mind for something you will achieve it but it takes time and a lot of effort. Nothing is handed to you. My goal is to work towards a B because math is one of my harder subjects but if I try my best I can hopefully get an A.

  24. The message in True Skill depicts that, even if you have practiced and succeed multiple times, if you loose sight of your goal one will always fail when the time comes. People can work hard all they want, but if they don’t truly have a specific spot to aim at they wont succeed.

  25. Ive learned from the story that you need to stay focused and know what you want because if you don’t know what you want then you won’t achieve anything and also when knowing what you want you need to practice and practice and just because you think the you know the material because you practiced it many times doesn’t mean that you should stop always keep practicing and aim for your target

  26. This story showed me that goals are only met by putting forth time and effort. It is important to stay focused on a goal and be persistent until you reach it.

  27. this story taught me that you should always keep your eye on your goal(s) if you ever want to succeed. If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll never reach your goal.

  28. This story teaches one to keep your eye on your goal and understand what your going for and to not lose sight of it. My goal for this class is to keep an A…a B at least nothing lower.

  29. I have learned that to achieve something you have to not only pratice but also visualize/want it. Set your goal and dont lose focus. My goal is to get a C or better .

  30. The story is intended to teach you that if you keep watching your goal you will succeed but if you take your eyes of it you will fail but if you put your eyes back on it you will be on the road to success once again. My goal is to get a B or better.

  31. From this story I am able to comprehend an important life lesson that Raman wants his disciple to learn ;which is focus. Raman misses his mark because he did not have focus and a visualization of his goal or target. If I want to be successful in Math Analysis, I need to concentrate and visualize on my goal of receiving an A in the class.

  32. I was able to empathize about Ramans story because it is basically saying if you focus on one thing only and not get distracted by other things you will see your goal more clearly and strive to be the best at it. when you want something you have to work hard for it no matter what challenges you face, Always stay strong and believe in your goals you have to see it before you can achieve it. My goal this year is to get Algebra 2 and pass it, I really want to understand the concept that math has to offer and learn more everyday. if I fail I want to at least fail trying and knowing I gave it my all and not half assed it all semester.

  33. I learned that if you don’t understand or that you can’t see what your aiming for in life, you’re never going to get there. You have to keep your eye on the prize, and if you don’t stay focused on it, or stray from it, you’ll never get it. I learned I have to stay focused and believe that I can get an A in this class.

  34. As I read “True Skill”, I imagined myself in the position of Raman. I’ve never had an experience like his before, but the concentration and determination reminds me of myself. I learned that if you’re clueless about your future or you have no idea what you want in life, you’re never going to get anywhere. It’s sad to see some teenagers instantly throw away their lives, but others are smart enough to do the opposite. It also states that if you put yourself in one place and concentrate only on one specific task, you’ll be able to do it without distractions. It’s the mind vs. others. Being focused helps you get to the top and be who you really want to be. This year, my goal is to get an A in Geometry. I’m not the best in Math itself, but I’m hoping that Geometry makes Math easier for me and love it more than the other subjects.

  35. I learned that if you really want to do something you have to set your mind on the test and achieve it and beyond. You have to work for what you want and that is the only way to reach that goal. As for that, my goal is to try to aim for a high C or at least a low B.

  36. I learned that if you want to achieve a goal you will have to keep your mind set on it and not lose sight of what you want because you can do it! Hard work pays off. My goal is for an A in geometry this year!

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