Geometry B

Algebra2 B

I will be posting the job description soon.

At one point of your life, green eggs and ham was, or is, your favorite book. Last Friday was Dr Seuss’ 108th birthday. if you’re creative enough, your challenge is to write a a rhyme with the title:

“english or math”

some like this :

I am Math

Math I am…..


do you like English or math?

I think Anthony set a really high bar… let see who can to better. Good luck !!

21 thoughts on “CST’s

  1. “English or Math”

    I am Mr. Math
    Mr. Math I am
    I teach you many numbers like one, two, and three
    So come on and learn with me.

    I walk along in the forest and see a fellow named Mr. English
    For him to learn math was my wish
    So I ask him “Would you like to learn math with me?”
    He says, “No, for I only learn English you see.”
    He walks away singing his A, B, and C.

    Later, I walk along the beach
    Looking for someone, math I wanted to teach
    I find Mr. English and ask him “How about now, want to learn math?”
    “No, I told you I only learn English! Now get out of my path!”
    He walked away with a frown
    Practicing with his verb, adjectives, and nouns.

    Later I walk along the park
    I find Mr. English and ask “How about now?” with a question mark
    He angrily exclaimed, “I will not learn math!”
    ” I will not learn it with you in the park
    I will not learn it with you in the forest
    and I will not learn it with you at the beach!”
    He pushed me aside and walked along practicing with his speech.

    I now walk along the town
    No one wants to learn math with me, I feel down
    Then I see Mr. English walking along
    Continuing to sing the alphabet song
    I wanted to ask him again if he wanted to learn math me
    But I knew that he was going to get angry at me you see

    Now I walk along, moving, moving, and moving
    With nothing to do, I started singing
    Singing about math, addition, subtraction, and multiplication
    Including division, square roots, and fractions

    Suddenly, Mr. English hears my soft little tune
    Now perfect with all of his English, looked bored this afternoon
    Fascinated by the language of math, he walks up to me with a laugh
    and asks me, “Will you teach me math?”

    THE END!

  2. Words or Numbers?

    I am Words
    Words I am
    me and numbers are like day and night
    you need us both you see…
    that way you pass your SAT`s or maybe just a test you unfortunately forgotten you see…
    We come in pairs of two, like dice not mice.
    You take us everyday yet, you know nothing at the end of the day
    Won`t you kids learn how to use us someday!
    I am Words
    Words I am
    theme,tone,and terms are my specialities.
    Do you know my friend numbers?
    Come here. See what I mean…
    I am numbers
    Numbers I am
    fractions,functions, and factoring are what I`m good at you see
    Words and Numbers
    Numbers and Words
    So which will it be ….?
    I am Both
    Both I am
    I could not decide, oh well…
    Just make sure you don`t sue me.

    I kind of change the title and ending … hope thats ok.

  3. “eNGLISH and mATH”

    English begins with e
    and Math begins with m
    It may be fun for me
    But not for the others, you know…”them”

    English and Math is what they will be missing
    So I tried to teach them, but I cannot anymore
    Even though I find it interesting
    English and Math is something they will always abhor

    Could it be their sadness
    or could it be their horror
    English and Math could bring them gladness
    Yet, they still are bored

    In anger I leave
    For I could only give them a pat on the back
    But they continue to follow me
    So I say, “Get away from me you darn cats!”

    (I also slightly changed the title, but I’m just trying to be creative)

  4. English or Math?

    Math I know
    I know Math
    But I like English
    More than Math

    Mr. Lopez comes up and asks me,
    “Why do you think English is easy?
    Math, you know, is set in stone,
    The way to solve, you always know.”

    I say, “I, for one, must insist,
    That english is the easiest.”
    “But why?” He asks, “You can’t sound it out.
    Its easy to leave a letter out.”

    “But there are rules,” I make him see,
    “I before E except after C,
    and spelling s-u-c-c-e-s-s is easy,
    Why must we know 2+2=4?”
    He says, “To understand life more.”

    I say, “But math is just as hard with rules.
    How do you find sine and cosine and tangent values?”
    “It’s simple,” He says and smiles,
    “If thinking fails, you draw triangles.”

    And then it all made sense, I understood
    Math is actually something really good
    But I still like reading and english the best
    Although I still have to take tests

    You really shouldn’t listen to me
    I chose A,B,C over 1,2,3
    You need to choose your own path
    Do you like English or math?

  5. English or Math?
    I am Math.
    I am used in the morning, at night, everyday of every month of every year!
    You may not know but you use me for everything. How you say?
    You use me for construction, accounting, and even something as common as buying a soda.
    Math is clear as day.
    Using formulas and tricks to arrive to an answer that is always right or wrong
    Never maybe.
    For me math is easy squeezy but for others English is breezy.
    For that I do not understand.
    English like math is used everyday but for I being Math I do not comprehend.
    English asks what if’s? And how come?
    But in math there is no what if’s or but’s.
    English has no formulas no tricks no graphs. How do you understand English with all that potential explanation?!
    That I do not understand.
    Literacy, imagery, diction, and syntax I replace with radicals, quadratics,trots, and triangles. For that I am Math:)
    Math is understandable.
    English is unpleasant.
    What about you?
    English or math?

  6. English or Math
    Which is better?
    Are you a reader?
    or do you love your calculater?
    Are numbers and equations your desire?
    or do they set your brain upon afire?
    is it a nice book you can curl up to?
    or is it that inflated language that you hurl up to?
    Are numbers and coefecients your true friend?
    or do you just want an “A”, so you pretend?
    are words and sentences just jibber-jabber?
    or does Quantum Mechanics make you say “whats the matter?”
    can you fall in love with ratio?
    or do stare at the clock thinking “Let me go!”
    Is an essay to you easy peasy?
    or are staring at the paper thinking “what did they teach me?”
    Is it easy for you to write a thesis statement?
    or do you yell at your teacher with your complainment?
    are you the kid in math way ahead of the class?
    or are you the kid who’s sleeping on his ass?
    are you wiz at annotations?
    or are you a professor at math equations?
    is it your dream to go to MIT?
    or is it your dream to look at literature and study?
    Now they are both great subjects to depend on
    and they will always be your friend hun.
    so now you tell me.
    which is better?

  7. I am math
    Math I am
    I can work in pairs, my best friend is English
    but our differences are very easy to distinguish
    We both get to the point whether it’s a period or decimal
    the things you can use us for are boderline incredible
    I can do trigs, equations, and functions
    While the hommie English knows proper punctuation
    My formulas will always give you a straight forward answer
    But with English, style analysis questions will have you running like cancer
    A calculator will always help you figure me out
    But with English, dictionaries and books will leave you with doubt
    My tests are easy to grade
    But with English, essays will take you a decade
    I might tire you with hours of problems
    But with English, research reports will make you feel loathsome
    Not to put my buddy English down
    But math does not make me frown
    I’ve already chosen my path
    The question I have for you is English or math?

  8. I am words
    Words I am
    Letters or numbers, which do you choose?
    Letters are more fun
    Then math will ever be
    Would you rather spell out allegory?
    Or solve the equation y=x + 3?
    I know what your thinking
    Math is just as important
    but if there was no English, would we ever use our voices?
    The power of English, is greater than a mathematician to admit
    English helps communicate
    Finds words for those emotions that you cannot emit
    Math spreads confusion, and keeps students studying up all night
    I know you will make the right decision, when its time to chose
    because letters are more fun
    Then math will ever be

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