Geometry B

For your final, there are 5 forms. i will let you now in class which of the 5 forms you’ll be taking

Form 1      Form 3       Form 5       Form 6            Form 7         Form 8                   Form 9

Form 2      Form 4

i’d like for you to take your time to do it. do not get help, this is a very good opportunity for you to find out how well prepare you are for the in-class final. if you score better in the in the in-class final than in the online, i will double your in-class score; however, if the opposite happens, i will keep both scores as they are.

please, take advantage of this opportunity. good luck. Final is due next monday may 30th

7 thoughts on “Geometry B

      • i just deleted your test. you did not provide your email. if you email me your email account i can send you your score, otherwise, i won’t be able do do it because it’d take too long for me to find your email again

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